Home Secretary Suella Braverman lets rip at 'pampered, out-of-touch' celebrities and says what millions have been thinking: Don't lecture us from St Tropez on migrants, Elton
EXCLUSIVE: Last week, Sir Elton said that Ms Braverman risked 'legitimising hate and violence' with her comments about migrants 'gaming' the system to secure refugee status.
Navy veteran once touted by Trump as 'victim' of #MeToo is accused of murdering his girlfriend and beheading her with electric saw
Joseph Roberts, 42, was arrested on September 7 following the shocking death of his girlfriend Rachel Imani Buckner.
Suspended GB News presenter Reverend Calvin Robinson who was sacked from the Royal Academy of Dance for opposing a drag queen storytelling session for children wins £8,000 out-of-court settlement
Mr Robinson, 37, was awarded £8,000 after the Royal Academy of Dance removed him from its education sub-committee for protesting against what he believed to be the sexualisation of minors.
Family of girl, 8, who died in her mother's arms after being shot in the back by cops at Philadelphia high school game awarded $11M settlement
Fanta Bility, 8, was killed in August 2021 after three cops opened fire on spectators leaving a football game in Philadelphia.
U.S. shutdown avoided: Senate PASSES 11th-hour vote to keep government funded for 45 days
U.S. President Joe Biden has wasted no time and signed the continuing resolution, holding off a shutdown until November 17.
Florida alligator missing top half of jaw is given new name in honor of fellow 'treasure' Dolly Parton - and is already gaining weight eating mice
A jawless alligator has found a permanent home at the Gatorland in Orlando. The gator's tongue is fully visible due to the snout being torn off below its eyes having been caught in a hunting snare.

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Biden signs last-minute spending deal, narrowly avoiding government shutdown
President Joe Biden signed a temporary spending deal that was passed by Congress, narrowly avoiding a government shutdown just one hour before federal funding was set to lapse on Oct. 1.
Gaetz accuses McCarthy of making 'Ukraine deal with Democrats' in passing stopgap
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) accused House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) of making a "Ukraine deal with Democrats" after passing the 45-day continuing resolution, which did not include funding for Ukraine.
Senate passes 45-day stopgap measure in time to avert government shutdown
The Senate passed a clean continuing resolution that originated in the House on Saturday, just hours before the federal government was set to run out of funding and shut down.
Colleagues react to Jamaal Bowman pulling fire alarm by demanding charges
Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) was met with a barrage of attacks from fellow members of Congress after pulling a Capitol fire alarm Saturday.
Gov. Kathy Hochul blames climate change for flash flooding in New York
Gov. Kathy Hochul (R-NY) told New Yorkers to expect events like recent flooding, since they have become the "new normal," during a briefing Saturday.


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